IWB idea.


This IWB idea would be used in an English lesson assuming the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan has already been read or the film watched by the class.

Aim: To creatively explore perspectives of characters within the book.

  • The Lost Thing, Shaun Tan.
  • IWB Notebook file.

This activity is to be completed as a whole class.

  1. Having read the book or watched the film, illustrations from the book with ‘thought bubbles’ are put up on the IWB.
  2. Get the children to discuss the illustration bringing back ideas from the text or new thoughts on what was happening.
  3. One student or student with ideas to jot down these ideas in the blank areas of the IWB notebook page.
  4. Discuss the situation with reference to the ideas that have emerged and explore what would fit in the thought bubbles.
  5. Do this for each character.
  6. One student to come up for each character and write in the thought bubbles. Remaining students are to help that student.

This IWB lesson idea allows for a predominantly student dominated interaction with the IWB.


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