Educational Blogs

Creating a blog is a lot of work. Before we ask our students to create their own blogs, it is important to give them examples of blogs. Some children may have never seen a blog before hence it is ideal for a teacher to provide students with examples of blogs to explore before they decide to create their own.

Below are two educational blogs I have selected as good examples to show students:

This blog is representative of the adventures Flat Rosie (a paper doll the class has made) has travelling to various schools and places around the world. The purpose of this blog states that Flat Rosie is “trying to find out if life in other places are mostly the same or different to life in Sydney”. Children of the class are updated on the whereabouts of Flat Rosie and they are able to comment to ask Rosie questions and Rosie will reply to them in a following blog post or as a comment as well (Teacher’s responsibility). Not only does this provide an engaging learning opportunity for students of the classroom, it allows students from other parts of the world to learn as well. This blog acts as an interactive site for classrooms all over the world to communicate and learn from and with each other. This blog could be used for all age groups. This blog makes a good example for students as it has a distinct purpose and audience. It is a prime example of how blogs can be used to share, communicate and interact with the world.

This blog is almost a ‘historical’ record of what Ms. Cassidy’s class (Six year old children) have done over the duration of learning in her Class. Any special events and all their learning experiences have been recorded in the blog in forms of written text, photographs and videos. This blog is a good example for students as the layout and setting is very simple and easy to navigate through. This blog has multiple audiences but a distinct purpose. The purpose is to share the classroom experiences in this teacher’s classroom and the audience with whom they share it with are numerous. Parents will be able to see how and what their children are doing in the classroom, teachers from over the world may take some of the learning experiences and integrate them into their own classrooms and these students will have a blog of memories to go back to whenever they wish.


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